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We are a rights- based innovation incubator. We design and test solutions that advance LGBTI+ inclusion and support community organisations who work toward a more equitable future for all.

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How we work

We address the challenges that LGBTI+ communities in Asia face today, but we also scan the horizon and help design ways to build resilience to future shocks. 

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Endulge in a selection of articles written for the purpose of guiding you to great free LGBTI+ world.

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Here you will find our latest posts through our Facebook page. Be sure it follow us for more LGBTI+ news and content.

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As we continue to develop innovations that help LGBTI+ persons and communities in Asia, support from those who believe in what we stand for will matter more than ever. If our mission resonates with you, donate to Equal AF and help us make Asia a more inclusive and equitable place for our LGBTI+ siblings of all ages.

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