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Our Projects

We incubate ideas for change and help community organisations accelerate impactful projects on the group. Our projects usually include the following stages:  explore opportunities and challenges; generate innovative ideas; fundraising and partnerships; develop and test models; make the case; deliver and implement the project; help community organisations accelerate the solution locally; advocate and support systems changes.

Name of Project Donor Project Partners Project Description Project timeline
Addressing intergenerational inequity in Thailand’s LGBT+ community through participatory research, community mobilization and digital advocacy.
Canada Fund for Local Iniatives
The overall goal of this project is to build an empowered and responsive LGBT+ community in Thailand though intergenerational engagement of its members. This will be achieved by collecting strategic information from the project’s participatory research, increasing the visibility of later-life LGBT+ persons and their issues, building capacities of community members to reach out across generations to provide support, advocating for increased focus on intergenerational issues using digital/ social media channels.
6 months
More coming soon!